Our Idea

Bikeomat GmbH, which was founded with the market launch of the Bikeomat, has its roots firmly in the bike industry. In 1987 our family started a specialist bike shop (bikes, maintenance, repairs and accessories) and have been running the business successfully ever since.


With an increasing number of cyclists the need for an extensive bike service has increased. To meet these demands Bikeomat GmbH has developed a service station, which meets the current requirements: the Bikeomat.


High-quality vending machines were designed which guarantee a smooth and secure transaction. An extensive range of bike accessories has been carefully selected and also offers any necessary supplementary tools which might be needed. As the prices of the products have also been supported by the manufacturers, then the bike parts can be offered at competitive prices.


In addition to selling bike accessories, the Bikeomat also offers a wide range of services: comprehensive product descriptions and detailed assembly and repair instructions, which are available on the touch screen for the individual parts. Cyclists can buy the needed parts from the Bikeomat at any time and thanks to the step-by-step instructions fit the part(s) themselves. Free important tips about bike maintenance, anti-theft prevention and other bike topics are also available. The electric air pump, where you can pump up your tyres for free, unlike at the petrol station, and the e-bike charging station are especially appealing.


On the whole Bikeomat is a clever, well-thought out service station for bikes, which is very multifunctional thanks to its small space requirements of less than 3m². Bikeomat GmbH wants to offer cyclists a drop-in centre for their questions and problems: a sort of “petrol station” with service for cyclists. The cyclist can get everything he or she needs and keep him- or herself up-to-date. We shouldn’t deprive the cyclists of something that is taken for granted by motorists.


The Bikeomat is a wise addition to and support for the different approaches already being offered by different towns and communities or who are planning to offer an electric air pump or an e-bike charging station. Why only offer electricity or air when there’s so much more you can offer in such a small space?


Our experience to-date has shown that the demand for this round-the-clock service is high. In addition to buying the parts, the free electric air pump and the information on the touch screen are used a lot.


We’re convinced that we’re on the right track with our company philosophy and look forward to an era with even more service for cyclists.