How to buy using the Bikeomat

It’s really easy to use:


The products are well-presented and the interior of the machine is always lit. You can see the part that you want to buy clearly. There is a detailed description available for each part on offer, which you can call up on the Bikeomat touch screen.


Each product has a number and a price. After you have chosen your product, then insert your money and enter the number of the product you want using the keypad on the front of the machine.


You can pay either with coins (10 Ct, 20 Ct, 50 Ct, 1 €, 2 €) or by inserting bank notes (5 €, 10 €, 20 €). You don’t have to insert the exact amount as the Bikeomat can give you change. So you can insert a €10 banknote for a part which costs € 3.80 and you’ll get your change back. Naturally you can also buy several parts in one transaction and pay for everything together.


After you have inserted your money the product can be found in the dispenser chute. The selected product has to pass a photoelectric sensor before it lands in the dispenser chute. This ensures that the Bikeomat registers whether the product can be sold or not. If it can, i.e. the product is available then the Bikeomat will retain the relevant amount for the product. Thus you can be sure that your money won’t be kept without you getting the goods.