The Bikeomat

The Bikeomat is a vending machine for bike parts, accessories and repair instructions. Up to Sixty-six bike parts with product descriptions can be bought regardless of the time of day. The bike parts have been carefully selected, checked for functionality, and are competitively priced!


In addition, on the Bikeomat’s touch screen you can call up detailed assembly and repair instructions which explain and simply show how to fit the parts step by step. This makes it easy for cyclists to repair any defects on their own quickly and easily so that their bike is ready to use and roadworthy in no time. Spare parts, assembly instructions and relevant tools, i.e. everything that you need to repair the defect can be found in the Bikeomat.


The Bikeomat should also be seen as a service station for cyclists. Service really begins once the part has been bought. Air and electricity (for e-bikes) are available free of charge. In addition you can also find some useful information about bike care, cycling safely, anti-theft measures and road safety education.





Where can the Bikeomat help you?

Puncture? No problem, Bikeomat is there to help you. With tools, inner tubes, puncture repair kits, air and how to repair guide – whatever you need.


Lacking confidence to repair it yourself? With the how to repair guide it’s child play.


Do you want to repair something on your bike and don’t have the tools to do it? Bikeomat offers you the most common tools for cyclists.


Are you worried? As you’ve heard about an increasing number of bike thefts? Bikeomat has useful tips about anti-theft measures.